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 Walt Disney's Childhood

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مُساهمةموضوع: Walt Disney's Childhood   الأربعاء يونيو 10, 2009 7:49 am

He gave us our most beloved cartoon figures such as Mickey Mouse and very cute Donald Duck. He ensured our childhood days were filled with laughter and stories from the world of fantasy. Walter Elias Disney (5th December 1901 – 15th December 1966) was a very talented personality who added millions of laughs in the lives of children and adults alike! Walt Disney was known to be one of the most prominent figures of the entertainment industry. This creative person was an animator, director, film producer and even a voice actor! With 26 Oscar awards to his credit, this talented person created the most popular fictional characters that set trends in the world of cartoons and animation. Here is a look at Walt Disney’s childhood life and details about his background.

Walt Disney’s Childhood Life:
Walt Disney was born to his father, Elias Disney and his mother, Flora Call Disney in Chicago, Illinois. His father was an Irish Canadian where as his mother was of German-American descent. When Walt turned 4 years old, his parent moved to Marceline where he spent a major portion of his childhood life. Here, he lived with his family at a farm. This was where the young Walt Disney met a doctor, Sherwood who encouraged him to sketch his horse. He even paid the young artist a small sum for his work. It was therefore known to everybody about Walt’s love for drawing at an early age. He loved to doodle animals and nature. Apart from drawing, Walt Disney also worked at the Santa Fe Railroad selling stuff such as newspapers and sodas to people around. Walt Disney thus spent four years in Marceline till his family decided to move to Kansas City.

While in Kansas City, Walt continued with his love for this art form and kept drawing, which helped him to sharpen his skills. He was not just a talented artist; Walt also loved to act and mimicked famous personalities with ease!

These few glimpses of his association with art only reveal the reason why his endeavors in life have been so successful. This talented personality then went on to develop characters such as ‘Mickey Mouse’, ‘Donald Duck’, ‘Goofy’ and the very lovable ‘Pluto’. These turned out to be iconic figures in the cartoon industry and won the hearts of children all over the world. Even today, the irrevocably creative work of the very artistic Walt Disney continues to enthrall audiences of all ages!
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Walt Disney's Childhood
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