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 Interesting Facts about Nevada

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مُساهمةموضوع: Interesting Facts about Nevada   الإثنين يونيو 08, 2009 5:17 am

Nevada is located in northwestern United States. It is surrounded by Arizona on the southeast, Utah on the east, California on the southwest and west, and Oregon and Idaho on the north. Carson city, with a population of about 2.6 million, is the capital of Nevada, while Las Vegas is its largest city. Nevada is also the seventh largest state area wise, with more than 85% of the land owned by the federal government. Nevada shares a border with the Mojave Desert to the south and the Great Basin to the north and is considered to be one of the fastest developing states in the US.

The state got its name from the Spanish word 'Nevada', which means 'snow-capped'. The motto of this state is "All for Our Country". Nevada shot to fame with the discovery of the fabulous Comstock Lode, the largest sliver deposit in the US, in 1859, which led to it being accepted as the 36th state in 1864. Its mines have produced large amounts of gold, silver, copper, zinc, mercury, barite and tungsten. In 1954, oil was also discovered in Nevada. It also ranks as the largest gold producing state in the US, and second in the world after South Africa.

Interesting Facts about Nevada

Nevada is mostly made up of desert areas, and hence the climate is sunny and dry most of the year. The state experiences wide changes in the daily temperature as well. It is also one of the driest state in the US, owing to its rainfall; a meager 7 inches per year.

The majority of Nevada's population are Christians</A> and follow Catholicism in a strict manner. There are also a significant amount of Protestants. Other major religions comprise of Latter-day Saint/Mormon, Jewish, Muslim, and other miscellaneous religions. The residents of Nevada speak English, while Spanish is the unofficial language of the state.

Nevada's economy is dominated by cattle and sheep raising, mining, tourism, machinery, printing, publishing, food processing, and electric equipment. It is famous for its manufacture of gaming equipments, lawn and garden irrigation equipment, seismic and machinery supervising devices, and titanium products. Nevada's agricultural yields include diary products, alfalfa, hay, wheat, barley, onions, and potatoes.

Nevada is also the legalized

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Interesting Facts about Nevada
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