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 Kentucky Horse Park

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مُساهمةموضوع: Kentucky Horse Park   الإثنين يونيو 08, 2009 5:09 am

Kentucky Horse Park, a first of its kind, is a horse farm and theme park in Lexington, Kentucky. It was opened in 1978 and is dedicated to man's relationship with horses. The park is owned by the state government and is spread across 1200 acres of land, comprising nearly 50 breeds of horses, from all over the world. Every year, the park hosts a number of events.

The state of Kentucky, situated in the eastern part of Central America, is known for horse breeding, horse riding and horse racing. It is one of the four states that form the Commonwealth (United States) along with three other states, viz. Virginia, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. As vast lawns of bluegrass are found in Kentucky, it is known as the 'Bluegrass State'. Horse raising is one of the major industries of Kentucky and the Kentucky Derby is world famous.

Kentucky Horse Park

Every year, nearly a million tourists, including schoolchildren and horse enthusiasts, visit the Kentucky Horse Park. Inside the park, there is a Visitor Information Center, where the staff assist the visitors and help to make their visit an enjoyable one. Even those unfamiliar with horses, savor the beauty and events in the park.

A bronze statue memorial of the horse Man-O-War, is situated at the entrance of the horse park. Man-O-War is considered one of the greatest race horses. The memorial symbolizes strength and courage. Kentucky Horse Park is also a retirement home for a number of race horses.

A parade of horse breeds is exhibited twice daily. At the parade, both common and rare horses are showcased. The riders (sometimes, even the horses), wear authentic costumes for the parade. It is an exciting sight and aims at making different breeds of horses known to people. After the parade, visitors can touch the horses or even talk with the riders.

The International Museum of the Horse, situated in the park, is the largest horse museum in the world. The American Saddlebred Museum, another tourist hot spot, is a large educational archive in the park. It educates people about horses, their history and their present day role. There is also a theater, where visitors can watch the film Thou Shalt Fly Without Wings. This film gives an introduction to the fascinating world of horses. There are also art and craft fairs and horse shows at the park. Polo matches, carriage driving competitions and horse riding attract many visitors. There are also pony rides for children.

Other shows like the Kentucky Fall Saddlebred Show and Bluegrass Classic Dog Show are also held here. Every month, exciting events are hosted at the park. Therefore, even if you visit the park any time of the year, there is always some activity going on.

Headquarters of many organizations, like the United States Equestrian Federation, American Association of Equine Practitioners, Kentucky Horse Racing Authority, etc. are located in Kentucky Horse Park. There are many facilities provided for the visitors at the park. There are gift shops, grocery stores, recreational areas like tennis and basketball courts, swimming pools and playgrounds for the entertainment of the visitors. Besides, lounges and pavilions are also there for group activities. The Kentucky Horse Park is host to some of the biggest equestrian events.

Rolex Kentucky Three Day

Rolex Kentucky Three Day is the biggest competition, held in the Kentucky Horse Park. It is an eventing competition and the only four-star (the highest level of competition, similar to that in Olympics) show in America. It is sponsored by Rolex. Along with Rolex watches, nearly $200,000 are given out as prize money in the event. Eventing comprises dressage, cross-country and show-jumping. The competition is four days long (Thursday through Sunday). Dressage takes place on Thursday and Friday (two days are required due to the numerous entries); Cross-country on Saturday and Show-jumping on Sunday. It is a spectacular event.

Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

In 2010, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games are scheduled to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park. The games will be held outside Europe, for the first time. The equestrian sports included are dressage, eventing, show jumping, vaulting, endurance, driving, reining and para-equestrian. The competitions are of international level. Building a new stadium, exhibition spaces and hotels are under construction for the games. It is estimated that nearly 500,000 visitors will visit the park during the games.

It is thrilling to watch the magnificent horses and you can learn a lot about them too. A visit to the park will definitely be an enjoyable, educational and memorable experience.
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Kentucky Horse Park
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