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 Indian Popular Hill Stations

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Shimla-the queen of all hill stations,is one of the most popular hill stations in India.Its well developed facilities, easy accessibility and many other attractions makes it the most sought after hill resort in India.It is surrounded by pine, cedar, oak and rhododendron forests,in the lower Himalyan ranges.Shimla is favourite amongst all type of people,be it honeymooners,families, youngsters & old people.Most of the people comes to the sylvan heights to spend some time in the lap of hills & to enjoy the pleasures of natural bounties out there.

Main Tourist attractions in Shimla-

The Ridge-
This is the best place in Shimla,where one can spend many hours in a day,basking in the warmth of the lazy sun.This place experiences a mixed crowd of young and the old,having a stroll or talking against the backdrop of the glittering peaks.

Lakkad Bazaar-
This place,popularly known as the world of wooden marvels lies right below the ridge.This market offers a wide variety of items carved out of wood.One can get anything from key chains, walking sticks, massagers, toys and jewellery boxes to sailor's wheels, planters and stationary holders.One can pick a plenty of things for friends and relatives, without flattening your wallets.

St Michael’s Cathedral-
This cathedral was Once considered to be the Michael's Cathedral is a stained-glass masterpiece. It is masterpiece of stained-glass.It is a place that makes you learn the qualities of Hope, Faith, Patience and Humility.

Institute of Advanced Studies-
Orginally,this institute was the Viceregal Lodge,built in in 1888,it is a perfect example of a magnificent English Renaissance grey-stone edifice set admist beautiful gardens and lawns. The grounds of this place are open for visitors only on Sundays,otherwise the is by ticket.

Tara Devi Temple-
The panoramic views,provided by this temple leave visitors gasping.Situated atop a hill,& lying amidst the oak and rhododendrons, it is accessible by road, rail and by foot.
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Indian Popular Hill Stations
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